The Chatter Mission

Research and development of technology to support the Autistic community is all too often done without Autistic involvement. Chatter is a collaboration created to address that problem by opening dialogue and building relationships between everyone who is a stakeholder in autism research–most importantly Autistic individuals!

We are coming together to build a community of stakeholders in autism research that includes Autistic people, family members, professional caregivers and educators, technologists and researchers.

The Chatter event is centered on generating ideas for technology, but this event is for community building, collaboration, inclusion, and relationships, not just “making stuff.” The community will share their perspectives through a design challenge course series, and a two-day symposium and design challenge to generate ideas about technology and interventions that support meaningful relationships in our neurodiverse world. We can’t do it without people from all these groups. We hope you’ll join us!

We believe through this collaboration we can help facilitate a cultural shift to celebrate neurodiversity–the belief that neurological differences are to be valued and respected.